Spa Purge Instructions

It’s easy to clean “under the hood” with Spa Purge. Using natural enzymes, Spa Purge removes the biofilm and those little “floaties” that build up inside the plumbing. We recommend you do this about every year or two.

1. Start the day before you want to drain and refill:

2. Remove the filter or filters from your spa, and set them aside. We’ll rinse them later.

3. With the jet pumps running on high speed, slowly pour a complete bottle of Spa Purge into swirling water. Don’t empty it out in one spot, walk around half the spa, emptying as you go.

4. Within a few minutes the spa will fill with foam. This is a good time to close the spa cover.

5. Soon, the foam will overflow and run down the spa cabinet. Keep a hose handy and rinse the foam off the sides of the spa to prevent a residue from leaving any film. This foaming action will continue for about 15-20 minutes. Don’t worry, Spa Purge is a natural enzyme and won’t hurt your spa, spa cover, or plants. This is also a good time to rinse the filters you set aside in Step 2. Install them tomorrow when you refill the spa.

6. The more the water circulates, the better. Set the control panel to the maximum circulation cycles, or just turn the pumps on whenever you think about it, until the next day. By then, the foam will be gone and the spa is ready to drain. Next, clean and refill your hot tub. Re-install your filters. When you start your spa again, you can rest easy knowing it’s naturally clean, inside and out.

To continue cleaning the plumbing and filters year-round, add Natural Spa Enzyme to your weekly water care routine.

One final note: On very rare occasions, some “stuff” in the plumbing may still blow out into the water the first time you start the pumps. If that happens, it usually gets filtered out in the first few hours. If not, you’ll have to drain and re-fill again. Of course, be sure to rinse the filters whenever this happens.

As always, please call us anytime you have a question about your spa.