Selector Valve Maintenance

Occasionally it may become difficult to turn the knob of your spa’s selector valve. This is due to sand and/or calcium buildup and is easily fixed. Follow these simple steps to disassemble and clean your selector valve. If you have any trouble with the procedure, please call us toll free at (866) 418-1840.

Step 1:

Remove the valve’s knob. Grasp the knob and pull it straight up off of the tub.

Step 2:

Under the knob you will find a threaded cap. Unscrew and remove it. If the cap is difficult to turn, cover it with a towel and use a large pair of channel-lock pliers to get it started. Once the cap loosens, remove the towel and cap.

Step 3:

Grasp the diverter stem and pull it straight out of the valve housing. If it is difficult to remove, use your channel-lock pliers and a towel again to pull it out. If it still won’t come out, please call us; we have a trick that will help.

Step 4:

There are two O-rings that seal the threaded cap to prevent water from leaking out the top of the assembly. Check these rings to see if they are worn or degrading. If they are, call us to order a new set. (01510-73 large / 01522-56 small)

Step 5:

Using a Scotch Brite Pad, or other abrasive sponge, wipe the inside of the valve housing and diverter. Once the area is clean, reassemble the valve – reinsert the diverter, screw on the threaded cap, then replace the knob.

After reassembly, if it is still hard to turn the knob of your selector valve, it is probably scored. If this is the case, you may need to replace the diverter. Please give us a call and we will help you order the necessary parts.