Hot Tub Pump/Motor Maintenance

If the fuse is good and the pump/motor still fails to operate, performing this maintenance procedure will determine if the pump/motor needs replacing. (This procedure does not apply to the small circulation pump).

You will need:

  • needle nose pliers
  • 1/4″ nut driver
  • small portable compressor

Start by turning off power at the GFCI.

Step 1:

Locate the pump/motor plug and disconnect it. Re-connect the motor plug, making sure the connection is snug.

Step 2:

Your motor shaft may be frozen, and needs to be released. To do this, grab the motor shaft with needle nose pliers and move shaft slightly. Turn the power back on at the GFCI check the motor operation. If it works properly, you have resolved the problem.

If the motor still is not operating correctly, proceed to the next step.

Turn off power again at the GFCI.

Step 3:

Locate and trace both the red and black wires from the receptacle to the terminals they connect to on the PC Board.

Step 4:

Unplug the receptacle connections for the red and black wires at the printed circuit board using your needle nose pliers as shown.

Step 5:

Sand these terminals lightly with sandpaper, (the finer grit the better), to remove any corrosion or film.

Step 6:

Re-install the connections, making sure they are snug.

Step 7:

Remove the rear motor shroud using a 1/4″ Nut Driver.

Step 8:

Using a small portable compressor, (or can of compressed air), blow into the back motor housing and side motor vents. This will remove dust, dirt and even spider webs that may be clogging the housing.

Step 9:

Remove each connector individually and lightly sand each terminal, and reconnect. (Do one at a time to prevent confusing where the terminals belong). Be sure each connection is snug. (Note: Red wire is for High Speed, Black is Low Speed, White is Neutral or Common, and Green is Ground).

While we are working on the pump/motor assembly, this is a good maintenance tip to perform. If your pump is still in the spa, and you have gate valves, close them first. If your pump/ motor assembly is on a workbench, proceed.

Step 10:

Remove each air relief knob as shown, and clean the seat with a soft cloth. Check each o-ring and clean or replace as needed. Re-install each air relief knob making sure each knob is snug.

Step 11:

Turn on power at the GFCI and check to see if the motor now operates correctly.

If the pump/motor still fails to work after following these procedures, it probably needs replacing.