Replacing Your Ozone Generator


Your ozone generator is effective for about 2 years, but after that its efficiency drops sharply. While the light may be on a while longer, it’s not nearly as effective as new. Worry not; replacing your generator takes less than 30 minutes and helps keep your water cleaner for another two years.

In 2015, Dimension One Spas continued using the same UltraPure ozone generating lamp, but began packaging it in a smaller aluminum tube. You get the same benefits as always, but must use the new smaller screws that come with this unit. The Crystal Pure ozone generator in a plastic tube has not changed in size. While the steps are not exactly the same, you can use this instruction sheet to get a general idea of the process.

Changing the bulb is relatively simple but power to the spa must be turned off. This can be done at the GFCI near your spa, or at the fuse panel on the side of your house.

Installation Video:

Step 1:

Turn off power at the GFCI near your spa, or at the main fuse panel!

Step 2:

Remove screws and cabinet door from spa cabinet.

Step 3:

Loosen the 4 screws on the metal panel cover of the black electrical control box. Slide the cover up and off. Set the cover aside.

Step 4:

Remove the new ozone generator from its box. Using a ballpoint pen or Sharpie marker, write todays date on the “Installed” line and the date two years from now on the “Replace By” line.

Step 5:

With the hose barbs pointing down, locate the two mounting screws facing you and remove them. These must be used on your new installation. Using the old, longer screws will shatter your ozone lamp, and is not covered under warranty

Step 6:

Disconnect the white power connector. Squeeze the clips on either side and carefully pull both halves apart.

Step 7:

Plug the new ozone generator into the connector and carefully set it on the end without wires. Turn on power at the GFCI to test the new unit. After about a minute both ends of the new ozone generator should glow lightly. In bright sunlight this will barely be visible. (A small percentage of units may not turn on at all. This probably means the actual water temperature is 2 degrees above the set temperature or the transformer needs replacing too. Disconnect the white plastic connector before turning the spa back on, and call us for additional information.)

Step 8:

If the ozone generator is working properly, turn the power off.

Step 9:

Cut the vinyl hose from the barbs on both sides of the old generator. Use wire cutters to carefully snip as close to the barb as possible. Be careful not to cut any other wires in the equipment box. Sometimes the barb breaks off on its own. That’s okay.

Step 10:

Remove both screws from the black mounting straps. You will need to hold the tube carefully from behind to ensure it does not push against any other electrical components and cause damage. Carefully remove and dispose of the old unit in your trash bin. This is not a play toy for children.

Step 11:

Place the new ozone generator in the same location as the old unit with the power wires on the left side and the hose barbs pointing down. Line up the screw holes in the new tube and existing metal straps. Install both new screws using a cordless drill. (The aluminum tube is thick and using a hand screwdriver will be very slow.) Be sure the screw goes all the way in the tube, preventing an ozone leak. You will need to hold the tube carefully from behind to ensure it does not push against any other electrical components and cause damage.

Step 12:

To reattach the black vinyl hose, rub a little liquid soap on each barb. This will act as a lubricant.

Step 13:

Over time, the vinyl hose becomes stiff and is difficult to reattach. Carefully heat the last 1” of black hose with a cigarette lighter until it begins to soften.

Step 14:

It should now be easier to slide the hose over the soapy barb. (Replacing the vinyl hose can be a bit tricky, just be patient and keep at it.)

Step 15:

Move the white power connector on the left side of the PC board out of contact with any other electrical components. Failure to do this could cause an optical short and damage to your spas system.

Step 16:

Turn power on again at the GFCI. Your Ozone System is operating again; providing clear, clean water for another 2 years.

Step 17:

Replace the black control box cover plate.

Step 18:

Replace the spa cabinet door.