Replacing Your XP2e Pump Seal

Turn power off at the GFCI.

Remove the access door to the equipment area.

Unplug the motor at the electrical control can.

Close the slice valves if your spa has them. (Otherwise, drain the spa.)

Loosen the 2 pump unions.

Loosen any mounting bolts and remove the pump assembly from the equipment box.

Performing this job on a work bench is easier on your back and patience.

Step 1:

Remove the 8 screws on the face of the pump.

Step 2:

Remove the front case, leaving the impeller showing.

Step 3:

Remove the white wear ring.

Step 4:

Note the red arrow. Place a long, thin screwdriver into the side vent as shown. This will prevent the motor from turning. Grab the impeller and turn to the left. You should be able to loosen it by hand and remove from the pump.

Step 5:

Loosen the 4 thru-bolts in the back of the motor. You don’t need to remove them, just pull them back about ½”.

Step 6:

Separate the pump back from the motor.

Step 7:

Looking from behind the pump back, and using a large flat-head screw driver, lay it against the visible part of the pump seal and push. The pump seal should pop out of its seat.

Step 8:

Apply a thin film of liquid soap, (from the kitchen), on the shaft of the impeller. This acts as a lubricant as you install the new pump seal, (flat side down). Push the seal all the way down the shaft.

Step 9:

Using the same liquid soap from the kitchen, apply a thin film on the outside rubber ring. Place it in the back plate of the pump and push firmly in place. The white ceramic ring should be facing up. I use a clean rag to keep dirt and fingerprints off the white ceramic

Step 10:

Apply a few drops of oil on the end of the motor shaft. This makes it easier to install the impeller now and remove it later if necessary.

Step 11:

Replace the back plate, push the thru-bolts in place, and tighten them down

Step 12:

Note the red arrow again. Place a long, thin screwdriver into the side vent as shown. This will prevent the motor from turning. Thread the impeller back onto the shaft. Turn to the right until it is hand tight. You should not need a tool for this. Now, replace the wear ring, flat side out.

Step 13:

Install the front plate. There is an alignment slot on both sides so be sure place them together.

Step 14:

Push the plate evenly in place and install the 8 screws. You are ready to re-install the pump in your spa.