Repairing a Spa Light Leak

Leaks originating at the spa light body are not very common, and repairing them often prompts the question, “Where do I start?”

Here are a few ideas.

Step 1:

The light assembly is composed of these parts.

Step 2:

Over a period of 25+ years, Dimension One Spas has used several variations of this design. If you try something and it does not go according to plan, call us right away to discuss it. You may have a slightly different design.

Step 3:

This picture shows the back of the shell where the light body is installed. Notice the nut has a small amount of plastic epoxy attaching it to the spa shell. This allows you to unscrew the body from the front. (IF YOUR DESIGN DOES NOT HAVE THE EPOXY IT CAN MEAN REPLACING THE COMPLETE LIGHT BODY ASSEMBLY). The other 2 fittings may be placed differently or not there at all, depending on your spa model.

Step 4:

Small leaks can often be fixed with our 01510-LRK, Light Repair Kit.

Step 5:

Using the light removal tool, unscrew the inside lense. Use the outside ring to hold the body in place!! (If the outside body begins to spin, you’ll need to use more silicone later on.) Use the “half-moon” piece to unscrew the lense.

Step 6:

Remove the inside lens from the outside body.

Step 7:

Remove the O-Ring.

Step 8:

Coat the new O-Ring with a little liquid soap, (from the kitchen). This acts as a lubricant so the O-Ring is less likely to stretch when you replace the lens.

Step 9:

Re-install the center lens.

Step 10:

Apply a bead of silicone around the outside of the light body.

Step 11:

Spread the silicone evenly with your finger. Wipe away any excess silicone with a towel, for a clean finish. Allow 24-48 hours cure time before filling the spa again.

If the leak continues, we’ll try Plan B.

Step 1:

Use the outside ring of the light removal tool to unscrew the body about 3 full turns. (If it feels like everything behind the spa shell is turning too, the epoxy patch has broken. Call us about “Plan C.”)

Step 2:

Remove the old Double O-Ring and install the new one in its place. design.

Step 3:

Fill the complete gap with silicone.

Step 4:

Screw the light body back in place as far as it will go.

Step 5:

Spread the silicone around evenly with your finger. Wipe away any excess silicone for a clean appearance. Allow 24-48 hours cure time before filling the spa again.