Removing Rust From AFS Exercise Bars

While the exercise bars and mast fittings on a swim spa are stainless steel, they aren’t US Navy Grade stainless steel. Occasionally rust will begin to form on the bars, which makes us think we need to buy new ones. Not so. It’s actually quite easy to remove the rust and the faster you act, the easier it is.

Step 1:

This is a particularly bad section of rust on our sample bar.

Step 3:

See? Easy.

Step 2:

Choose your weapons. For this example I used Baking Soda and the green side of a Scotch Brite Pad from the kitchen. Wet the pad, put about a teaspoon of Baking Soda on the pad and gently scrub the stain. I removed the rust in less than a minute.

For more cantankerous stains, use Soft Scrub and a maroon colored #7447 Scotch Brite Pad. (I bought my pad at a local paint store. They are not available at a big box store.) Either way it won’t take long to clean the rust from all your bars.