How To Remove & Replace a Jet Pump

Whether you are replacing a pump seal or a complete jet pump assembly, the procedure for remov-ing and replacing the pump is the same. You should be able to do this job on some spas without draining the spa water if you close the gate valves first. Start by turning off power at the GFI.

Step 1:

Remove the clip that holds the gate valve handles in the open position. (There are 2 gate valve assemblies for each pump.)

Step 2:

Push the gate valve handles closed.

Step 3:

Loosen the gate valve unions. Use a large pair of channel locks or an oil filter wrench if possible. Sometimes the only thing that fits in a tight spot is a hammer and screwdriver.

Step 4:

Unplug the pump power cord.

Step 5:

If the pump is fastened to the floor with mounting bolts, remove them now. Grab the pump with both hands, (it weighs about 35 pounds), and remove it from the spa cabinet. If you have a rub-ber mounting pad like the pictured in Fig 5a, you’ll want to cut the top 2 corners as pictured in Fig 5b. This will make it easier to reinstall a pump later without jeopardizing its stability.

If you have an older spa with a pump fastened to the floor with large wood screws, it’s sometimes impossible to remove with a wrench. The bolts may have rusted and won’t turn. Grab the pump with both hands and rock it back and forth until the wood screws separate from the floor.

Step 6:

When you are ready, set the new or repaired pump back in place. No need to use the mounting bolts as the 2 large pipes will securely hold the pump in place. (Keep the mounting bolts in case you need to move the spa later. You’ll want to reinstall them at that time).

Step 7:

Install new O-rings if you have them.

Step 8:

Align the pump with the gate valve unions. Thread one nut a half turn, then realign the pump a bit if necessary and thread the other nut a half turn. When the pump and unions seem to be lining up properly, thread the unions until they are snug.

Step 9:

Using a pair of pliers, push the handle open. On older spas, the handle might separate from the gate if you pull it open. (Fig 9a) Pushing reduces this possibility. Put the clips back in place. (Fig 9b)

Step 10:

Plug the pump power cord back in.

Step 11:

Refill the spa with water, turn on power at the GFI. Test the pump in high speed to be sure it’s operating properly and not dripping at the gate valve. Tighten the unions a bit more if nec-essary.