Ozone Worksheet

Ozone has been used in International Olympic competition pools since 1984!
And since 1994, virtually every portable spa eitheruses an Ozone System or can have one added on.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that kills germs and very effectively purifi es your spa’s water. “But isn’t that what chlorine is for?” you ask. YES! However, using ozone in tandem with chlorine or another sanitizer means that you can greatly reduce the amount needed.

…and How Does it Work?

After your hot tub water is circulated through the fi lter, it passes through a special, sealed chamber where the mixture of water and ozone gas safely breaks down and oxidizes lotions, oils, algae, viruses, bacteria and other unwanted substances. Once it does its work, it reverts to life-giving oxygen, the kind we breathe!

Ozone has been safely used around the world for more than 50 years! This proven technology is used in food, drinking water and air purifi cation systems as well as in hospitals and dental offi ces to ensure germ-free environments.

The Power of Ozone

• Spa ozone powerfully disinfects your hot tub water. It kills viruses, bacteria, yeasts and other organic matter. You don’t want these little critters sharing your hot tub with you!

• Maximizes spa user comfort by reducing that icky Chlorine/Chloramine smell and instances of red or irritated eyes, dry or itchy skin, and even faded swimwear (all caused by too much chlorine).

• Ozone allows you to use less of the more traditional chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. While ozone does not replace the need for a sanitizer (regardless of what others may claim), it does reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain clean water; plus it reduces the amount of time you spend on water maintenance. (We like to use Natural Spa Enzyme in our spa to reduce the need for chlorine and shock even more.)

• Ozone is environmentally safe and sound, a proven technology that’s easy on your spa’s plumbing and equipment. Hot tubs equipped with ozone systems could not win UL, UR or CE approval unless they were deemed absolutely safe!

What Ozone Systems or Parts Do I Need?

There’s a good chance that your hot tub has an ozone system that’s not generating the benefi ts it is designed to. “Why?” Because ozone chips and ozone generators need to be replaced every 12-24 months.

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