Overheat Error (OH)

This message appears when the Temperature Sensor reads 112 degrees

Your Dimension One Spa is outfitted with a number of safety messages. One of them, the “Overheat Error” message, can be caused by a few things but will always trigger an automatic shut off of the heater and pumps, allowing the water temperature to drop. Let’s review the easy (and free) things first. To save time, work through these steps in the order listed below.

Step 1: False Error

Turn off the power at the GFCI for 1 minute, and then turn it back on. If the message clears, it was likely a false error reading. Your spa should now return to its normal operation.

Step 2: Excessively Hot Water

If the water in your spa is actually over 104 degrees, turn off power to the spa, open the cover and let the temperature drop to at least 97 degrees. Once the water has cooled, turn the power back on. If the problem was indeed the temperature of the water, the error will now clear and your spa will return to normal operation.

Step 3: Reduce Filter Cycles

In hot summer weather normal filtration cycles may need to be reduced. Your spa’s filter cycles should not exceed a 1 hour duration, twice daily.

Step 4: Defective Sensor

If none of the above actions resolve the Overheat Error, replace the Temperature Sensor itself. Give us a call to confirm your diagnosis and order a new circuit board.

Step 5: Defective Lower Circuit Board

If a new Temperature Sensor does not resolve the problem, you’ll likely need to replace the entire lower Circuit Board. (This occurs 5% of the time). Give us a call to confirm your diagnosis and order a new sensor.