Removing a “Low Flow” Error Message Using an Air Compressor

Sometimes you’ve done everything you can to remove a “Low Flow” message and it still does not cure the situation. There may be debris in the lines that need blowing out. This procedure is a good one to perform every few years. Call us first before attempting this to be sure you really need to try it. You’ll need an air compressor set to about 40 pounds and a sheet of plastic to cover a large jet pump.

Step 1:

Turn off power to the spa at the GFCI. Remove the front access panel from the equipment area.

Step 2:

Remove the bleeder knob nearest the wall in the filter area.

Step 3:

Put a plastic bag over the pump below the ozone injector.

Step 4:

In the equipment area, remove the fitting at the bottom of the ozone injector.

Step 5:

Remove the little rubber “button” from the bottom of the injector. Some units have a small ball check and spring that will fall out with the button. Save them all. At this point, water will be flowing from the opening.

Step 6:

Push a thin piece of wire (14 gauge or smaller) up into the bottom of the ozone injector. If there is any debris here, this will clean it out.

Step 7:

Set your air compressor to about 40 pounds. (Too much pressure can cause an internal leak.) Blow air into the bottom of the ozone injector for about 5-10 seconds. Resist the urge to blow air into any location for longer than this.

Step 8:

Now blow air into the open bleeder by the filter for 5-10 seconds.

Step 9:

Finally, blow air into both jet openings, as pictured, 5-10 seconds. Sometimes these ports are side by side, or they might be one above the other.

Step 10:

Repeat Steps 7, 8 & 9 eight more times.

Step 11:

Turn on the power again at the GFCI.

If a steady stream of bubbles has returned, this process has been successful.

With luck, the clog has been cleared and the “Low Flow” message is gone. Your spa should be heating again.

Re-assemble the parts from Steps 5, 4 & 2. Remove the plastic sheet and put the equipment door back on. Now you are ready to get back into hot water.