Clean Your Plumbing With the Hot Tub Serum

Clean Your Plumbing With the Hot Tub Serum System

This is the most amazing spa plumbing system we’ve ever used. To get the “gunk” out of your plumbing, increase sanitizer efficiency, and extend spa water life, the Hot Tub Serum System just plain works. First, use Total Cleanse when it’s time to drain and re-fill your spa. You’ll see from the pictures below how effective it is. Then add Total Maintenance weekly to keep your water crystal clear with less chlorine or bromine.

Now here’s the trick, it takes some extra work at drain and re-fill, but if you are a fanatic about clean water and want to use less sanitizer, it’s worth it. Remember, you have to use both Total Flush and Total Maintenance to get the results you want. Using just one or the other won’t get the clean water you want.

To Flush, Drain, and Clean you’ll need:

  • 1 jar Total Cleanse Serum (WC-SF)
  • 1 tube Surface Cleaner (WC-14)
  • 1 plastic spoon
  • 3 sponges
  • 1 pair of rubber gloves
  • 1 3-gallon bucket (not pictured)
  • 1 pool skimmer or skimming net (not pictured)

Step 1:
Remove all spa filters and turn all jet pumps to high.

Using a plastic spoon, add half the jar of Total Cleanse into the moving water. It will look like gel on the spoon, but it will break up quickly in the water.

Step 2:
Fill your bucket with clean water. Within a few minutes the cleaning action of Total Cleanse will begin. Foam will fill the spa. Don’t let it spill over the sides. Turn off the jets when the foam reaches the top of the spa. Let the foam subside before turning the jets back on. You’ll likely have to switch the jets on and off a few times to avoid spillage. Using a pool skimmer, remove any dirty foam that appears. Rinse skimmer in your bucket of water as needed.

Step 3:
A ring of gunk will quickly form at the water line. Do not let this ring dry. It will become very difficult to remove if left to harden. Wearing rubber gloves (the biofilm coming out of the plumbing can be harsh on your hands) and using your sponge, wipe the water line clean. If you have a Dimension One Spa with an Ultralife shell, you can use the scrubber side of a Scotch Brite Pad. If you have a smooth acrylic shell, only the soft sponge side can be used. Anything abrasive will scratch and damage your surface.

Continue wiping the water line and rinse the sponge as needed. When the sponge becomes too dirty to clean the shell, switch to a new one and continue cleaning.

Surface Cleaner (WC-14), will help clean the shell regardless of which side of the sponge you use.

Step 4:
After 20-60 minutes of jet action and scrubbing, the water line will stay relatively clean. Now it’s time to drain your spa. As the water is draining, continue cleaning any remaining biofilm from the shell.

We recommend rinsing your spa filters separately. Throwing them in the spa while Total Cleanse is at work will clean them, but you’ll spend quite a bit of time wiping the extra biofilm from the spa shell. Better to clean them separately.

Step 5:
Now that your spa is drained and the shell is clean, fill it with fresh water as usual. Turn on the jets again to release any biofilm left in the pipes. As before, continue to clean the shell until the waterline is pristine. Reinstall your filters and add spa chemicals as you normally would.

Step 6:
After 7 days, begin adding Total Maintenance to your spa water on a once-a-week schedule. One and a half green capfuls per 100 gallons of water. Don’t be surprised if it continues to generate gunk at the waterline. Simply wipe off the gunk as needed.

After several weeks you’ll notice that your spa water still looks fresh and new and requires less chlorine or bromine to stay that way. That’s a good thing, don’t you think?

Admit it, you’re hooked on the Hot Tub Serum System just like we are.