Dimension One Spas’ Re-Engineered E-10 Circulation Pump Means Greater Efficiency

Dimension One Spas’ re-engineered E-10 Series circulation pump is greatly improved, delivering energy efficiency, a stronger motor and an ease of installation spa owners will appreciate. If you have any questions or need assistance with installation, please call us toll free at 866-418-1840. We’re happy to help.

E-10 Circulation Pump Benefits

1. Greater energy efficiency at a lower operating cost. .

The improved pump draws just 60 watts versus the 98 watts required by the earlier version. The E-10 also runs cooler than its predecessor.

2. A stronger, more durable motor..

230 volts versus the original 115v model without the need to rewire your spa. Installation is simple, requiring the movement of a single wire on your existing circuit board to accommodate the higher voltage. Give us a call and we can walk you through it in just 90 seconds.

3. Fewer error messages..

The E-10’s new open impeller allows more water and debris to move through the pump, creating a stronger stream of air bubbles and resulting in fewer “FLO” error messages from partially clogged lines.

4. Reduced motor overheating..

Some versions of the E-10 include an integrated flow switch to allow self-priming of the pump. This reduces the chances of the motor overheating after draining and re-filling your spa.

5. Easy installation..

Replacement is simple as the new E-10 is the same size and shape as the earlier version. Additionally, Easy Spa Parts includes a new cord with every E-10, avoiding the complicated and timely process of switching the old cord onto a new pump (as many other companies require). Moving a cord from one pump to another is especially difficult given the small workspace and the complications of reassembling the cord strain relief.

6. Complete installation instructions..

Easy Spa Parts provides the complete installation instructions for the E-10 allowing most spa owners to install it themselves and avoid the cost of a service call.