Drain, Clean, & Re-Fill Your Spa

For the cleanest, clearest water, drain and refill your spa every 3-4 months. When using the Vision Sanitizing Cartridge, however, your water will last up to 6 months. The pictures in this instruction are from a 2015 Californian. Your spa may look a little different, but the steps are the similar.

Step 1: False Error

Remove the 2 relief plugs near the filters. This will help prevent an airlock when you refill the spa. Be sure the O-rings on these plugs are in good condition.

Step 2:

If you have one, use a submersible pump to drain the spa water, otherwise.

Step 3:

Put a garden hose at the bottom of the spa and turn it on as if you were filling the hot tub. (Fig 3A) Let it run about 10 seconds, then turn if off. (Fig 3B)

Step 4:

Disconnect the other end of the hose at the faucet.

Step 5:

Take that end of the hose, and holding it low to the ground, move it where you want the spa water to drain. The siphon has been established, so the draining will begin immediately. Use as many hoses as you can to speed the process along. You can use the water in your garden if all the chlorine has dissipated.

Step 6:

Remove and rinse the filters thoroughly. Leave them out of the spa for now. Remove any debris from the bottom of the filter canister.

Step 7:

While waiting for the spa to drain, use this time to perform another preventative maintenance func-tion. Clean the Selector Valve Assembly so it stays easy to turn. See Selector Valve Maintenance in the “Do It Yourself” section of our website for details.

Step 9:

As you are cleaning, open as many jets as possible by turning the outside ring to the right. This will help prevent an air lock when you are refilling the spa.

Step 8:

When the spa is empty, wash the UltraLife shell with baking soda or Soft Scrub. Using a wet rag or either side of a Scotch Brite pad works fine.

Acrylic shells should be cleaned with an acrylic surface cleaner like “Off the Wall” and wet rag or sponge.

Not sure which spa shell you have? Give us a call for help identifying the correct cleaners to use. Using an abrasive cleaner on an acrylic shell will scratch it and cause premature fading.

Step 10:

Using a Wet/Dry Vac if you have one, blow air into each open jet. This will push water and biofilm out of the plumbing into the spa.

Now vacuum as much water as possible. Start in the filter canister(s), moving to the seats, and finally the floor.

If you don’t have a suitable Wet/Dry Vac, you’ll be using a plastic container and rag to remove the balance of the sand and water from the floor.

Step 11:

Start filling the spa 1/2 way by putting the running hose in the filter compartment that usually has the cap over it. (fig 11A)

Fill the spa the rest of the way through the filter compartment that usually has the filter basket over it. (Fig 11B)

Step 12:

The water level should be in the middle of the tile or 6” from the top of the spa. Re-install the filters.

Step 13:

Turn the power back on at the GFCI.

When the jet pumps can operate normally, re-install the filter basket or cover. When the heater is on, reinstall both bleeder plugs.

Following the instructions on the back of the bottle, turn on jet pumps, add spa shock, and leave the spa cover open for 1 hour. After 60 minutes, close the cover and let the spa heat to temperature.