How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter (And Mesh Screen)

Cleaning your filters monthly will help maintain clear, clean water, reduce the chance of “Low Flow Errors”, and prevent the circulation pump from wearing out too soon.

  • For Dimension One Spas manufactured between 2004 and 2009, that have two filters, follow steps one through nine.
  • For all other Dimension One Spas follow steps one and two.

Step 1:

On a monthly basis, remove the filters, (use the “Stand By Mode” on your spa if you have it), and rinse with water.

We recommend the Filter Flosser, (Easy Spa Parts item number 01561-FF) pictured here, because it is shaped like a filter with small holes that flush water between the pleats. This makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

Step 2:

Every second month, use a filter cleaner in addition to water. This helps loosen oils, lotions, minerals and other debris that water alone cannot remove. We recommend either a Filter Cleaning Tablet, (part number WC-FT), or our Natural Enzyme Spa Spray, (part number WC-FS).

For spas manufactured between 2004 and 2009, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3:

Press the first “Jet” or “Pump” button on the upper control panel. Set the pump on high speed and watch for a large volume of water to flow through one of the filters. This filter is where the basket assembly should be placed.

Step 4:

The second filter usually has a vented cap positioned over it. (The Vision Sanitizing Cartridge is placed here). With the filter already removed, look for and remove the filter screen at the bottom of the canister.

Step 5:

Using a small, flat head screwdriver, place your forefinger towards the end of screwdriver as pictured. Slowly move the screwdriver to the bottom of the filter screen until you reach either of the tabs as shown here. Place the screwdriver head between the base of the screen and the inside of the tab; turn it slowly to open the tab slightly so you can tilt the screen and move it away from the tab. If the filter screen does not lift away from the bottom of the canister easily, move the screwdriver to the opposite side and try again.

Step 6:

Remove the mesh screen nested inside the larger filter screen.

Step 7:

Rinse the mesh screen clean with a garden hose.

Step 8:

Reinstall the mesh screen inside the filter screen as pictured. Both pieces are slotted for a perfect fit.

Step 9:

Replace the filter screen. The 2 tabs on the filter screen mate with the “ears” on the bottom of the canister. Attach one side, then the other.

Step 9:

Replace the filter and vented cap. Turn off “Stand By Mode” and your filter maintenance is complete.