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If your hot tub pillows are becoming discolored, bubbling, or material is flaking off, this is almost always related to a water chemistry issue. Easy Spa Parts can help!

Hot tub manufacturers generally do not offer any kind of warranty coverage on hot tub pillows. This is because the material used for hot tub pillows is designed specifically to hold up in conditions present in a hot tub, and when issues arise, manufacturers have been able to generally pinpoint this as being related to the spa owner’s water chemistry.

The most likely reason that hot tub pillow becomes bleached, or damaged, is due to over sanitation or improper sanitation of the water. There are several options for sanitation. Chlorine has long been the most popular overall, but many bathers choose Bromine due to its lack of strong smell and its reputation for being overall better on bather skin.

However, between chlorine and bromine, bromine is much harsher on plastics and rubbers. So while bromine often considered to be better for the skin – and also produces less chemical smell – when it comes to plastics and rubbers, it usually affects them to a great degree, causing peeling, discoloration, and degradation.

Issue with PH and Alkalinity can also affect how well the pillows and spa cover are holding up. High levels of each may lead to peeling, disintegration, and other damage to the rubbers and plastics, while lower than optimal levels may result in staining, discoloration, and molding.

One thing that can extend the life of your spa pillows, is to remove them and store them in a clean, dry place during longer periods of the spa not being used, such as during the months the spa may be winterized. If you leave your pillows in the spa, after winterizing it, it’s likely that mold may grow on the pillows, which is difficult to remove.

All that said, spa pillows are generally considered affordable to replace. So even with proper care and treatment, it is expected that you will need to replace them every few years. Easy Spa Parts carries spa pillows for all manufactures. Hot Tub Pillows & Spa Replacement Pillows | Easy Spa Parts

If you would like help identifying which pillow you might need, feel free to email pictures of the pillows you are replacing to allbrands@easyspaparts.com

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