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When installing a new spa, spa part, or having electrical changed or updated for a hot tub, there are several common issues that often arise. To determine if these issues are related to the electrical or the spa itself, refer to the following common electrical issues and learn how to troubleshoot them. 

Common Electrical Issues in New spa installs and new GFCI breaker installations.

The vast majority of spas require that the spa is connected to a GFCI disconnect, with:

• the neutral wire from the spa to the GFCI breaker
• the pigtail from the GFCI breaker to the neutral bar
the neutral wire from the house main panel going to the neutral bar.

If any one of these is wrong, the spa will not operate correctly, and will usually immediately trip the breaker. If the GFCI breaker is not the style that has a spot for the neutral on the breaker itself, the spa will not work.


Other electrical reasons breaker will trip:

On new board installs, confirm that the correct voltage is selected for pumps/components (on the board itself)

  • Even with 240V incoming power, it is common for certain components to be 120V. Check the pump/component specifications. If they are 120V, refer to the wiring schematic.

If breaker is still tripping, it is likely component related. Unplug equipment one at a time (or all at once) to test which component is causing tripping. TRY THE PUMP FIRST

Other possible electrical issues and errors.

  • Wrong breaker – The vast majority of spas absolutely must use a GFCI breaker as shown above, with the neural from the spa to the breaker and the pigtail to the neutral bar. The wrong breaker will cause the spa not to work, in most cases.

  • Incoming load wires in the wrong place – i.e. red and white swapped, thus the system is only getting 120V and the components cannot power on.

  • Blown fuses: Common cause of components and spa not turning on. Test across fuses for AC voltage (should always be “0” on good fuses)

While it is always recommended to have a licensed electrician troubleshoot anything that is suspected to be an electrical issue, knowing what to look for will help you determine what kind of service support you’ll need. 

If you have further questions, please reach out to our tech department at

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