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Hot Tub Control Panels

Manage your hot tub from a central spot with a hot tub control panel. A spa controller allows you to manage all your hot tub settings in one place, so you can turn on the jets, turn up the temperature, and oversee filtration cycles. Improve your bathing experience with a new spa control panel.

  • X300010 Master Spas 5-Btn Control Panel MAS470

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  • X310120 Master Spas 8-Btn Control Panel MP700 Legend

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  • X310192 Master Spas 4-Btn Control Panel Propulsion H2X

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  • X310203 Master Spas 9-Btn Control Panel MP800

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  • X310204 Master Spas Touch Topside Control Panel

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  • X310206 Master Spas Topside Control Panel

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  • X310308 Master Spa® Control Panel


    X310308 Master Spas Control Panel

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  • X310334 Master Spas Control Panel Spa Touch 1

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  • X310850 Master Spas LCD 4-Btn Control Panel MAS225

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  • X508055 Master Spas® PR-Overlay, 2005, 3-Pump, 510S | Spa Parts Experts

    X508055 Master Spas 3-Pump PR-Overlay 2005 510S

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  • X509009 Master Spas LCD 8-Btn Overlay for MP700

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  • X509028 Master Spas Overlay for 2007 H2X Control Panel

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  • X509080 Master Spas Overlay Down East MP30

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  • X509086 Master Spas Overlay for H2X MP Series

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  • X509093 Master Spas 2-button Overlay for H2X Propulsion

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  • X509106 Master Spas 2-Pump Overlay Twilight TP800

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What is a spa control panel used for?

A spa control panel is used to manage the settings of your hot tub. For example, you can use this control panel to set the temperature of your spa heater and turn on various jets. You can also use your control panel to turn on lights and other extra features. A good control panel makes it easy to customize your hot tub experience, allowing you to focus on relaxing.

What to consider when shopping for a hot tub control panel?

When shopping for a hot tub control panel, there are a few things to consider. For example, you should choose a hot tub controller that does everything you want it to do. If you want to turn on your hot tub jets or spa lights with a control panel, ensure those features are offered. You also have to keep your budget in mind. 

If you’re having trouble choosing the right control panel for your hot tub, speak to the experts at Easy Spa Parts.

What is the lifespan of a hot tub control panel?

Typically, hot tub control panels can last a few years. You don’t have to worry about buying a hot tub control panel replacement often, especially if you take good care of your hot tub. 

However, a broken circuit board or control panel can cause serious problems with your hot tub, so getting a replacement as soon as possible is crucial. The sooner you replace your control panel, the sooner you can start enjoying your hot tub again.

How much does a hot tub control panel cost?

The cost of a hot tub control panel depends on the type of control panel you intend to buy. Basic control panels that control jets are more affordable, but modern panels that control hot tub speakers and offer other modern features are often more expensive. 

At Easy Spa Parts, you can find tub control panels for $10 to $20, depending on what you’re looking for. From three-button control panels to eight-button deluxe panels, we have several options.

How do you care for a spa controller?

Keeping your spa controller clean and dry is one of the best ways to prevent premature damage. If you notice moisture on the inside of the controller panel, it needs to be removed and dried right away. If you see bleach spots, that’s a sign that you’re using too many chemicals in your hot tub. 

Taking care of your hot tub control panel is easy, and it’s the best way to ensure you can control your spa with the touch of a button.