How to Clean Hot Tub Jets

Hot Tub Jet Maintenance

You love your hot tub, and the opportunity to enjoy hydrotherapy on a moments notice. But aside from caring for your spa water, keeping your hot tub running like new requires occasionally cleaning spa jets. Hot tub jet Maintenance is an easy thing to do, yet almost everyone forgets to do it.

Why Hot Tub Jet Maintenance is Important

Most hot tub enthusiasts recognize the need to maintain their spa water—and that’s a good thing. But with prolonged use, hot tub jets can become soiled with dirt and minerals too. Dirty jets may not be as easy to see as dirty water, but the effects are very real.

Regular hot tub jet maintenance ensures your jets work as efficiently as possible, providing the hydrotherapy you enjoyed the first day your spa was installed. Clean jets make it easy for you to adjust volume and pressure, and allow rotating jets to spin normally.

What Reduces Jet Efficiency?

While there are many reasons why your spa isn’t working as it should, there are basically only two things that reduce jet efficiency: sand and calcium. But, the good news is, both of these additives can be easily removed with a simple and effective jet maintenance process.

How to Clean and Replace a Hot Tub Jet – Easy Step-by-Step Process.

1. The first step in replacing your hot tub jet is to open the jets. This can be done easily by turning the jets outer ring from left to right.

2. With the spa pumps off, close the jet by turning the outer ring all the way to the left.

3. Hot tub jet removal isn’t complicated, but you may need to give it another 1/4 turn. For stuck jets, use a pair of rubber gloves from the kitchen to get a good hold on the outer ring. If your jets have never been removed before, they can be difficult to detach. This is normal.

4. Soak the jets in a container filled with water and white vinegar for 3-4 hours. A 50% mixture of each is fine. The vinegar solution removes minerals that have deposited on the spa’s components.

5. Swirl the jets in the solution every hour to rinse off some of the sand and/or calcium, as it begins to loosen. If your jets are really dirty, you may want to consider soaking them overnight. Also, sometimes it helps to use a small brush to scrub the internal gears of the jet.

6. When the time is up, rinse the jet with fresh water from a hose or the kitchen sink

7. Rotating jets should spin as if they were new. If they don’t, the bearing may be worn and the whole jet assembly must be replaced.

8. It is important to replace your jets accurately. To re-install the jet: insert the jet into the housing, and rotate it to the right. The jet should easily lock.

Note: Jets of the same size are interchangeable and can be placed anywhere in your spa.

Taking time to give your hot tub jets the attention they deserve will ensure you continue to enjoy your hot tub like the very first day you took delivery. Just like you learned how to drain and fill your spa as part of regular maintenance, with a little practice you should be able to complete this process with no trouble at all.

However, if you’re unsure about the process or have questions as you begin, please feel free to call for help. Our trained technicians are always available and happy to help you through this process. Call toll free: 866-418-1840