Proper Care and Feeding Spa Filter

Your filter is critical to clear, clean water and efficient spa performance. Luckily, taking good care of your filter is pretty easy and has a great payoff .

Think of the cartridge element as a paper screen. As water rushes through at up to 100 gallons per minute, the openings of the screen begin to stretch and allow larger and larger pieces of dirt, sand and debris to return to the spa water, instead of being trapped and removed.

At the same time those body lotions, oils and makeup we bring into the spa begin to clog that stretching screen. After about 2 years, the spa filter needs to be replaced. While it may look fine, it’s just not as efficient as it once was.

For spas with a message display screen, a “Low Flow” message can oft en mean it’s time to clean or replace your filter. If your filter is clean, look at the warm “champagne bubbles” that shoot into the spa down around your feet. That stream should be about 18-24”. A short stream may indicate a circulation pump that needs cleaning or replacing.

Identifying the top and bottom of your filter

“Castle” Top

Handle Top

Open Saucer Top

Closed Saucer Top

Course Thread Bottom

Fine Thread Bottom

Open Bottom

1. Use only factory authorized filters for your spa. Every manufacturer uses similar paper in their elements, so you are safe there. However, there are plenty of less expensive filters with too many pleats, (so they pack together and slow the flow), or mounting fittings that are “universal” so they are sold for several different spas. These often don’t fit your spa quite right or break and allow small pieces of plastic to clog your circulation pump. This “bargain” filter may cost you several hundred dollars in a circulation pump replacement down the road.

2. Rinse filters monthly. Using a filter cleaner, (either spray or soaking solution), will help break up the oils and lotions that can clog a filter. Wait 15 minutes then rinse the filter with a garden hose and pressure nozzle. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear.

3. For spas with the UltraPure Water Management System, turn off power at the GFCI, or use the “Standby Mode” before removing filters. This will prevent debris from gett ing sucked into the circulation pump and causing it to clog or burn out. Again, an expensive repair.

4. I’m oft en asked if filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher. While the short answer is “yes”, I just wonder if you really want the same stuff in your spa to share an appliance with the glasses you drink from.

5. Replace filters every 2 to 2 ½ years. They just wear out and no amount of cleaning can make them as effi cient as new.

At Easy Spa Parts, we only provide the original factory-designed filters. You bought the best hot tub, continue using the best filter.